SafeTraces has a new pathogen test that provides quick results. ( File photo )

Food safety company SafeTraces has a new product designed to give shippers and processors fast results on pathogen testing.

SaniTracers, developed through a Food and Drug Administration grant for small businesses, integrates into fresh produce wash systems, according to a news release.

“SaniTracers tests are performed on-site by the customers, and they provide almost real-time indication of the lethality of the wash process on pathogenic bacteria,” Laurie Clotilde, director of product management at SafeTraces Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., said in the release. “Our solution provides food processors with increased confidence that they ship a safe, high-quality product without affecting its shelf life through extended hold times.”

The release describes SaniTracers as “FDA approved, food-grade microparticles that contain minute amounts of DNA” that behave like pathogen surrogates, such as E. coli, during (the) regular produce wash process.”

SafeTraces also has a traceability component, using seaweed-based barcodes that are applied directly to the product at the point of origin and can be “recovered” at any time in the supply chain. The barcodes have already been tested on apples, citrus, leafy greens, and non-produce items including grains, according to the release.