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Atlanta, Ga.-based Salix Fruits is concluding its second season of importing Argentina lemons to the U.S., with bigger volume expected in future years.

Salix is able to offer the U.S. market an extended supply of lemons by complementing its Argentine volume with imports from Mexico, Turkey and Spain, according to a news release.

“The quality of the fruit (from Argentina) was excellent, and we received great feedback from our customers who perceive us as a lemon specialist and no more so, of course, than when it comes to Argentina,” Juana Elortondo, sales manager for Salix, said in the release. The company has offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago.

After the import season from Argentina ended in late August, Salix carries Mexican lemon imports, followed by fruit from Turkey. Spanish lemons will be imported through the winter months and will satisfy demand until the 2020 Argentina lemon crop begins next spring, according to the release.

From mid-2018 to mid-2019, Salix expects close to a 30% increase in global sales.
Responding to high demand for e-commerce transactions, Salix is in the midst of developing its own online marketing channel, according to the release.


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