Sam Okun Produce celebrates 100th anniversary

Sam Okun Produce celebrates 100th anniversarySam Okun Produce Co. Inc. will commemorate its 100th anniversary with a celebration Oct. 11.

The Toledo, Ohio-based distributor was founded in 1914 by Sam Okun, who operated a one-horse cart, said his great-granddaughter Shelly Okun, the company"s president.

Shelly Okun"s father, Fred Okun, is Sam Okun Produce"s chief executive officer.

Fred Okun has worked with five generations of family members in the business, Shelly Okun said Fred Okun"s grandfather Sam his father Max his brothers Larry and Don his daughter Fred's nephew and past president Neil Bornstein, who is retiring after 35 years with the family business and two grandsons, Josh Goldberg and Adam Goldberg.

In addition to Fred and Shelly Okun and Josh and Adam Goldberg, Sam Okun Produce"s officers include Neil Bornstein, Connie Feldstein and Kenny Smith.

Since 1946, Sam Okun Produce has operated out of the same building purchased by Sam Okun. Two additional buildings have been added as the company has expanded.

The anniversary celebration Oct. 11 will be an open house for staff, customers and suppliers.

Sam Okun Produce, a female-owned company, recently partnered with Sustainable Local Foods LLC to be the company"s exclusive distributor of locally-grown hydroponic produce.



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