Ethan Stowell ( Stemilt Growers )

Stemilt Growers has named Seattle chef Ethan Stowell as the company’s official chef spokesman.

Stowell, with 15 restaurants in Seattle and a culinary force in the region, has partnered with Stemilt Growers to deepen the farm- to-table connection of the brand with consumers, according to a news release.

“We’re thrilled to start this partnership with Ethan,” Brianna Shales, Stemilt communications manager, said in the release. “Our companies share common goals around delighting people through wholesome and delicious food, as well as giving back to our communities. Joining forces will allow us to tell our story to more people and make for a more meaningful connection for our fans, and Ethan’s many restaurant patrons, around the farm-to-table experience.”

As a way to begin the partnership, the release said Stemilt has shared its signature apple variety, Piñata, with Stowell’s Cortina restaurant. The  Piñata can be used in a variety of ways on the restaurant’s menu, from salads to desserts.

“Most people see an apple as an apple, but there’s quite a bit of contrast between the different varieties,” Stowell said in the release. “What I love most about Piñata is its balance between sugars and acids. It has enough of both to stand on its own, which fits well with my desire to keep food simple and fresh.”

Stowell will visit Stemilt orchards and offices in Wenatchee in the coming months to see apple country up close and personal, the company said. He also will lend his culinary talents to Stemilt’s employees and visitors through live demonstrations, according to the release. Stowell also will engage with consumers via Stemilt’s social and digital channels.

“This partnership allows us to continue to spread authenticity with consumers about how our fruits are grown and cared for, whether it’s at our farms or on the menu at an acclaimed restaurant,” Shales said in the release. “Ethan is a self-taught chef and as authentic as they get. We are going to have a lot of fun sharing our joint stories to the culinary world.”