A secondary display bin that performed well in a limited debut last year is now available nationwide. ( Sunkist )

Retailers throughout the U.S. now have the option of a secondary display bin for Delite mandarins from Sunkist Growers.

The bin rolled out in select markets last season and proved popular in that test, so the bin is making its nationwide debut this season.

Director of retail marketing Julie DeWolf described the bin as having a farmers-market feel.

“It’s the perfect solution for retailers who want to increase selling space within a small footprint, as it can hold up to three cartons of two or three pound bags,” DeWolf said in a news release. “We also have the ability to customize promotions and point of sale materials to fit our customers’ needs.”

The displays include the latest slogan for the Delite brand: “Instant Gratification. Just peel, eat and repeat.”