Check out these family-owned Quebec produce farms
Amy Sowder, The Packer's Northeast Editor, visits family-run farms, packing houses and distribution centers in Quebec — such as Stéphane Van Winden's Delfland Farm in Napierville, Quebec. ( Amy Sowder )

What's going on with Quebec's crops this season and the produce leaders who grow, pack, sell, and ship the food? 

The Packer's Northeast editor, Amy Sowder, conducted a mid-summer tour of Quebec's vegetable agricultural regions north and south of Montreal.

It's an area that has a lot of similarities to the Northeast U.S. region, including that rich, black muck soil that's so good for growing produce.

Meet these four growers and see five farms:

  • Stéphane Van Winden of Delfland
  • François Van Winden of Vegpro International, with the Fresh Attitude brand
  • Les Jardins A. Guérin & Fils, with the JAG brand of beets
  • Marc-Andre and Jean-Bernard Van Winden of Les Fermes Hotte and Van Winden
  • Pierre-Luc Turcot  of Ferme A. & R. Turcot

The Packer will be at the Quebec Produce Marketing Association Conference in Quebec City, August 8-10.

To check out all six farms Sowder visited (including Ferme GNC) — plus get more in-depth insight — make sure to read the upcoming Quebec Produce section coming in the next issue of The Packer.

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Submitted by carol shockley on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 11:07

Amy Sowder is so well informed and a great reporter. I look forward to more stories of hers.