( Photo courtesy Upward Farms )

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Upward Farms is expanding and rebranding, including a rebrand from Seed & Roe and construction of a new Brooklyn aquaponics farm headquarters.

The plans come after $15 million in new funding, including investments led by Prime Movers Lab, according to a news release.

Upward Farms grows and sells ready-to-eat leafy greens grown at an aquaponics greenhouse that uses fish to fertilize crops in a closed ecosystem, according to the release. 

“With the support of this capital investment, we will continue to expand the marriage of nature and nurture to produce affordable greens in abundance and make them accessible,” Jason Green, cofounder and CEO, said in the release.

Previously known as Edenworks and then Seed & Roe, the company has raised more than $20 million. 

The new Upward Farms name and brand reflects its mission to improve the food system, and expansion plans are to build more farms and add more products for retail and foodservice customers, according to the release. 

Late this year, Upward Farms plans to unveil new headquarters in Brooklyn with commercial production and research and development facilities, expected to increase production by 20 times its original Brooklyn facility.

The expansion will enable the brand to supply salads to grocery stores across New York City, according to the release.

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