( Courtesy AgriCoat NatureSeal )

AgriCoat-NatureSeal Ltd., Berkshire, United Kingdom, has introduced a new addition to its Semperfresh line of coatings that prolongs fresh produce shelf life.

The new Semperfresh 1.9 formulation is quick drying at the packinghouse, for use on stone fruit, melons, avocados, citrus, pears, apples, pineapples and other tropical fruit, according to a news release. Agri-Coat-Natureseal is a subsidiary of Mantrose-Haeuser Co. Inc.

The product forms and invisible and biodegradable protective film that creates a modified atmosphere within the fruit itself, according to the release.

Respiration is slowed, extending the shelf life of treated products. Research has shown that Semperfresh “has shown promise” against disorders including chilling injuries and skin and rind pitting, according to the release.

Mantrose-Haeuser, Westport, Conn., is the parent company is NatureSeal Inc., whose NatrureSeal product is used to treat fresh-cut produce to keep it fresher and delay browning.

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