Among its sustainable initiatives, Collinsville, Ill.-based Sev-Rend is introducing fully recyclable pouches and film manufactured in either polyethylene or polypropylene. 

Because the pouches do not mix materials, they are suitable for recycling, said Jeff Watkin, director of marketing.

“That helps meet the needs for being able to fully recycle, and there’s no gap or cross-contamination in the recycling stream,” he said.

In addition, Sev-Rend’s manufacturing processes now feature a water-based ink system for printing.

“(The water-based system) is a cleaner alternative to solvent-based printing that is very popular in the packaging industry,” Watkin said. 

“We also utilize post-industrial waste products in our manufacturing processes as well, which results in decreases in the amount of waste coming out of our facility.”

In other developments, the company installed a new wide web press in the early fall last year, and that equipment is now fully operational, Watkin said. 

The new equipment expands Sev-Rend’s capacity to meet market demand for flexible packaging products such as pouches and roll stock film, he said.

A new product for Sev-Rend is IRC-Film, developed and launched last fall. 

“This film allows for an Instant Redeemable Coupon to be embedded on the roll stock film, allowing for easy promotion on consumer-sized packaging in the fresh produce aisle of your grocery store,” Watkin said.

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