( Shenandoah Growers/The Packer )

Rockingham, Va.-based Shenandoah Growers Inc. has begun harvest at new BioFarm facilities in Rockingham and Elkwood, Va.

Shenandoah Growers will now grow, pack and ship locally grown organic produce from its indoor farms to its customers in the Mid-Atlantic region year-round, according to a news release.

The release said the Rockingham BioFarm will supply 100% of Shenandoah’s basil in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the location will supply the company’s new line of organic lettuces to Mid-Atlantic customers.

“Being able to grow the totality of our basil demand inside our pack house and not fly or truck hundreds or thousands of miles from the field was inconceivable when I entered the business over 20 years ago,” Tim Heydon, CEO, said in the release.

Shenandoah uses bioactive soil and fresh water, according to the release, helping meet its mission of environmental stewardship.
Company president Phillip Karp said the growing technology moves the indoor-grown supply closer to cost-parity with traditional field farming.

“Anything we launch from our indoor farms will be scalable and profitable for us and our customers and affordable for the shopper,” Karp said in the release. 

Shenandoah Growers is accelerate its indoor farming capacity with a plan to build organic Biofarms in other regions.


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