( Courtesy Hazel Technologies )

A Mexican table grape grower-shipper has reported successful results shipping to Asia when using shelf-life extending sachets from Hazel Technologies, Chicago.

Campos Borquez, which grows grapes in the Mexican state of Sonora, used the Hazel for Grape sachets in the cartons of Early Sweet green seedless grapes. When the grapes arrived at their destination 21 days later, their condition was compared to grapes held in storage under the same conditions without the Hazel Tech treatment.

“Our grape arrivals in Asia with Hazel Tech displayed improved stem turgidity and appearance compared to control fruit without Hazel,” Rodrigo Torres, vice president of sales, said in the release.

The Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) in Santiago, Chile, recently completed a related study, “Effect of the Use of the Hazel Grape Sachet on Table Grapes,” according to the news release.

The INIA researchers studied the effects of the Hazel Tech product on Autumn Royal and red globe grapes sent to Asia and also held grapes in cold storage at the institute, checking on quality for up to 60 days.

The study looked at the rachis, the long central stem that runs the length of the bunch, and treated rachis showed less dehydration, according to Natalia Param Agurto, post-harvest manager of Hazel Technologies Inc., in the release.

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