( Courtesy D'arrigo California )

D’Arrigo Bros. of California, Salinas, has implemented touch-screen shipping kiosks at its shipping facility to improve efficiencies.

The kiosks use proprietary software to minimized check-in times for drivers, according to a news release.

“Technological innovation is a key component that enables D’Arrigo California to better serve our customers, while driving efficiencies within the company,” Matt Amaral, vice president of postharvest, said in the release. “This customized system provides an opportunity for us to positively impact our service level at shipping point.”

The shipping kiosks replace a check-in process with a D’Arrigo employee.

“This concept which is prevalent throughout airports today, utilizes a cutting-edge shipping program that will be a foundational piece that will enable D’Arrigo California to be on the forefront of how the industry will interact with its customers at shipping points,” Mark Houle, director of facility operations, said in the release.

Shipping office personnel can provide more immediate communications to drivers through texts and e-mail.

Jimmy DonAngelo, shipping facility manager, said the kiosks have freed up personnel to be redirected to other tasks.

“This time saving tool has translated to more of the team being available to work ‘on’ the business and less people are needed to work ‘in’ the business,” DonAngelo said in a news release.

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