( Courtesy Shuman Farms )

Onion grower-shipper Shuman Farms, Reidsville, Ga., is embracing the virtual platform that’s presenting the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit.

The virtual event, Oct. 13-15, will allow the company to showcase its seed-to-shelf story at the Fresh Express Marketplace, according to a news release. Shuman Farms will also share content for the fall and winter that features RealSweet brand ambassador, the Food Network’s Chopped champion, Shannen Tune.

“This year has provided us a unique opportunity to expand our digital content, online resources, and social media presence,” John Shuman, president and CEO, said in the release. “We have been able to tailor our marketing plans to meet consumer needs and we’re looking forward to sharing these programs during Fresh Summit.”   

The Vidalia onion grower, which also imports sweet onions, is providing consumers interactive content on its website that highlights the importance of keeping close to family and friends. Seasonal recipes and meal ideas are designed for consumers, and the RealSweet monthly promotional calendar is designed for category managers and buyer, according to the release.

“Sweet onions are market basket drivers,” Shuman said in the release. “Our proprietary consumer research has shown us that when sweet onions are purchased, other items from both the produce department and perimeter of the store are added to consumers’ shopping carts.” 

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