Fresh Solutions Network is providing on-trend brunch recipes with potatoes, including a grilled breakfast pizza with torn potato croutons, arugula, tomato and egg (left) and a more traditional breakfast hash with bacon and poached eggs. ( Courtesy Side Delights )

Fresh Solutions Network, which markets Side Delights potatoes, is providing consumers with creative recipe ideas to fit with brunch, which Mintel called out as a top food trend again for 2018.

The San Francisco group is capitalizing on the fact that potatoes are among the top brunch ingredients along with eggs, bacon and bread, according to a news release.

With breakfast hash among the top five leading trends for breakfast/brunch items on U.S. menus this year, Side Delights is presenting a range of recipes, from a tri-color potato hash with kale and pancetta to a more traditional breakfast hash with bacon and poached eggs, according to the release.

Fresh Solutions is also offering a recipe for breakfast pizza, another brunch trend identified by 61% of respondents in a Mintel study, according to the release. Side Delights’ take on breakfast pizza has torn potato croutons, arugula, tomato and egg.

“Potatoes continue to be a consumer favorite, and brunch is a natural fit,” Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network, said in the release. “Side Delights offer fresh, wholesome potatoes of the highest quality in a full range of potato types and bag sizes so consumers can make restaurant quality brunch at home — any day of the week, any time of day.”