Sirane film tested on mushroom packs

Sirane film tested on mushroom packsA trial of packaging film on mushrooms found shelf life extended by 11 days, according to Telford, England-based Sirane Ltd.

The mushrooms were packed in standard expanded polystyrene trays and stretch-wrapped in Sira-Flex Resolve film using an Omori machine. The mushrooms showed no browning or condensation in the time frame, according to a news release.

The company did not name the overseas client hosting the trial.

Sirane developed the film to balance humidity control with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability. Permeability is temperature dependent, designed to maintain content atmosphere even if storage temperatures vary.

"The film is suitable for all types of vegetables, including salads as well as many types of fresh fruit," Simon Balderson, managing director, said in the release. The company doesn"t promise identical results for all commodities and customers, but it does claim positive findings for strawberries, green beans, salads and potatoes.

"What we suggest is that customers try the film in their own food chain, in their own set of conditions, and see what results can be achieved," sales director Jeremy Haydn-Davies said.

The film is a plant-based biopolymer and is compostable.

The company has U.S. clients, but declined to release that information.

Sira-Flex Resolve is aimed in part at the 52 suppliers and retailers doing business in the United Kingdom who signed up for the anti-waste initiative, Courtauld Commitment 3, between May and September.

The Courtauld pact seeks a 20% reduction in household food waste in the United Kingdom during its three phases.

"Many companies may look at Courtauld 3 and think it will cost them more money," Balderson said. "But using more advanced technology can actually save companies money in the long run, as they"ll get money back from reduced discounting, wastage and returns."



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