SmartWash Solutions provides annual training for customers to ensure they are compliant with food safety laws. ( Courtesy SmartWash Solutions )

Companies that use the SmartWash Solutions system to mitigate bacterial cross-contamination in wash water, are getting more than a water additive.

The SmartWash Solutions system also comes with regular operator training, according to a news release from the Salinas, Calif.-based company. 

"We believe operator training is a critical component to enhancing food safety and ensuring (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance," Angela Nunez, vice president of technical support for SmartWash Solutions, said in the release.

The annual training is interactive and addresses the importance of wash water chemistry in food safety programs, as well as the significance of SmartWash equipment and its proper use in fresh-cut produce processing.

"This hands-on training gives our customer partners an understanding of the science behind wash water cross-contamination and how our products combat these problems, so they can consistently operate their systems to enhance food safety while reducing chemical usage and lessening demands for water, electricity and labor," Nunez said in the release.

Training offers an in-depth view into the system, gives operators an opportunity to learn from other SmartWash Solutions partners, according to the release.

“The hands-on technical part and the reference sheets will be very helpful moving forward,” Mike O’Sullivan, Taylor Farms Tennessee SmartWash technician, said in the release.

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