( Courtesy Sorma Group )

Itallian packaging and equipment company Sorma Group has a new packaging line that not only reduces overall plastic, but makes recycling of the packaging components easier.

The company unveiled the new packaging, Sormapeel, at Fruit Logistica on Feb. 6 in Berlin.

The packaging incorporates a peel-off strip of paper, making the separate recycling of paper and plastic easier. The paper strip adds strength to the plastic, allowing it to be 70% thinner than normal, according to a news release.

Sormapeel packaging costs are similar to the company’s standard line, according to the release, and it is compatible with Sorma Group packaging equipment, so no upgrades are necessary.

“As a group, we have been working for years on the development of innovative materials and solutions to support the circular economy that is becoming more and more necessary to protect our planet's resources,” Andrea Mercadini, Sorma Group CEO, said in the release. “Today, we are taking a big step forward, because in an era when plastic polymers and their future are the focus of much discussion, Sorma is offering a solution that considers the most widely different packaging-related factors: convenience, cost saving and recyclability.”

Mario Mercadini, large scale manager, said Sormapeel uses common packaging materials, so downstream recycling systems are established.