South African citrus ( file photo/courtesy Summer Citrus from South Africa )

The season for South African citrus in the U.S. is near.

“Overall, the quality of the fruit is looking really good, and increased shipments to the U.S. are anticipated,” Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa, wrote in a June 2 newsletter.

The cooperative of more than 300 citrus-growing operations in South Africa is in its 21st year.

In the newsletter, Conradie said clementines are starting to arrive in New York and will continue through early July. The fruit is in its peak.

By the third week of June, about 3,700 pallets and about 90 containers of navel oranges should arrive, Conradie said in the newsletter.

Cara-cara oranges are harvesting slightly earlier, from early June through August. About 4,400 pallets are expected to arrive in early July.

Marketing efforts have focused on promoting to consumers who seek vitamin C, Conradie said in the newsletter.

Summer Citrus from South Africa’s marketing team is using geographically targeted social media advertising to increase traffic at retail stores.

In April, Summer Citrus from South Africa celebrated female leaders in produce, including professionals featured in a video: Conradie, Mayda Sotomayor, CEO of Seald Sweet; Erin Meder, general manager of Capespan North America; and Megan Zweig, vice president of DMA Solutions.

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