Rain created some obstacles for sweet corn production in Georgia this season. ( File Photo )

Norman Park, Ga.-based Southern Valley Fruit & Vegetable planned to finish up its sweet corn season shortly after a normal Fourth of July push.

After starting harvest around Memorial Day, the company expected to wind down production the week of July 2, said director of business development Dug Schwalls.

He noted pricing this season has been below average, likely due to more companies producing sweet corn in the region.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported f.o.b. prices for a wirebound crate of yellow sweet corn from south Georgia on June 26 were mostly $8.45-$8.95, down from a larger range of $8.95-$10.95 around the same time in 2017.

Schwalls also mentioned that Georgia received a significant amount of rain this year, throwing off the timing of planting to some degree. The rain also made it hard to get in the fields and keep up with spraying, so growers faced a bit more pest pressure than in other years.

E-logs also factored into the season — where freight used to be about $2 per box, this year it has been closer to $3-$3.50, Schwalls said.