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The B2B ecommerce opportunity is enormous – $23.9 trillion – and the produce industry represents a big piece of this. Demand for US-grown produce now comes from all over the globe, and ecommerce is the simplest way for US businesses to tap into this demand and expand their business. Join us on December 5 to learn why everyone from small farm owners to giant produce distributors are choosing Alibaba.com as their growth partner.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • More about the $23.9 trillion B2B ecommerce opportunity – over 6x the size of B2C
  • The easiest way to create an online storefront that reaches buyers around the globe
  • Optimizations your business can use to ensure success on Alibaba.com, or any ecommerce platform, through optimizing product listings, keywords, and more
  • About Alibaba.com’s simple pricing structure


  • Jonah Mandel – Head of Customer Success Team, Alibaba.com North America
  • Shannon Shuman – Vice President of Produce, The Packer