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Shopping for agricultural inputs can feel like a full time job, and choosing between saving time and saving money is a difficult decision. 

What can farmers do to make the procurement experience more friendly and efficient?


Utilize a “personal shopper” for farmers

What if farmers had a personal shopper? Making use of a procurement advocate can ease the burden of constantly comparing prices and negotiating.  An effective procurement advocate understands the marketplace and finds the best deals for farmers from trusted suppliers on the specific products they need -- no bait-and-switch generic substitutions or second-rate retailers.

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Streamline day-to-day operations and buying

  • Get someone else to do the research. ​Arrangements through procurement advocates, like co-ops and ag e-commerce platforms, explore creative opportunities for savings on both sides.
  • Instantly price compare with the click of a button. ​Don’t spend hours searching for what should only take a few clicks. The best ag e-commerce solutions make it easy for the farmer to price compare and purchase with confidence.
  • Say what you have been thinking.​ Manufacturers and service providers are always looking for ways to improve, and customer feedback is one of the most valuable sources of product usage and service delivery information. Utilizing an online interface to relay feedback along with your peers can be empowering as well as effective.


Reduce barriers for growers

Barriers can deter new farmers from joining the industry, and tight margins leave little room for error. Third-party ag e-commerce solutions provide transparency and transactional accountability for both buyers and suppliers, taking a lot of the apprehension out of the procurement equation. Suppliers benefit from a reduction of unforeseen expenses such as miscommunications and last minute changes to orders. 


Get back to the field. Let an online ag marketplace do the work for you 

With a lot of activity in online crop input procurement, one solution that stands out is HarvestPort, an online marketplace that offers exclusive pricing and service, tailored to individual farmers needs. HarvestPort’s newest product, “HarvestPort Deals” delivers savings to the grower/packer/shipper network instantly by providing users with a “curated” list of inputs fitting their crop type(s) and geographic profile and previous transactions.

Using HarvestPort, farmers can easily ​sign-up for curated offers,​ that provide immediate savings. Farmers find deals through a centralized system. Similar to a co-op, HarvestPort is a resource that understands your needs, and knows when and where you need products delivered. Farmers can get back to growing value in the field faster. 

Visit ​HarvestPort.com​ to learn more.