( Well-Pict )

Restaurants are shuttered; drive-thru windows are feeling a bit too close for comfort; quick trips to the coffee shop for a muffin and latte are temporarily on hold...and have been for a while now. What does that mean for consumers’ shopping habits? Well, all over the country, relationships with kitchens have blossomed from cool at best to springtime-in-love. 

Family dinners have made a resurgence, and that means grocery shopping--especially grocery shopping for whole ingredients--has made a resurgence as well. Recent surveys have reported that dinner nights at home are averaging 6 nights per week.  Shoppers are increasing their grocery expenditures to fulfill their nightly home-cooked dinner menus.

Dinner at home six nights a week means ingredients that can do double or even triple duty. Fresh berries couldn’t be a better fit. Berries can be a quick and nutritious snack for adults and children alike, while also providing the extra color and flavor to a meal.  And since, according to a recent article in The Packer, shoppers are gravitating toward packaged produce,² it makes sense to place Well•Pict Berries’ 100% recyclable clamshell packages front and center. 

There are some display groupings that are no-brainers (strawberries, packaged shortcakes, and whipped cream, anyone?), but in addition to being amazing in desserts, awesome in smoothies, and astounding as a stand-alone snack, fresh berries are a dream in a variety of dinners. For example…

In addition to being a delicious and nutritious ingredient in breakfast, lunch, or (and!) dinner, fresh berries are often key to a delicious cocktail. Display vodka alongside our stunning Well•Pict Berries, and remind your shoppers that a unique take on the popular “quarantini” is only a handful of ingredients away…

Strawberry martini from foodviva.com" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="258832b3-bdd5-4d45-b2fe-b0e64b3cc947" src="https://cdn.farmjournal.com/s3fs-public/inline-images/wellpict%20tini.jpg" width="400" />