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Springtime brings warmer weather, longer days, holiday celebrations, and for retailers ample opportunities for cross-merchandising and seasonal promotions. Well•Pict Berries are available year-round, but lend themselves exceptionally well to springtime celebrations like spring break and Easter.   

Front and Center

Big, beautiful, berries displayed prominently at the entrance to the produce department, encourage impulse berry purchases. This is also a great time to cross-merchandise, but keep it simple – don’t overcomplicate.  Food trends are shifting to the “whole” food, simplistic approach with healthier impacts from fewer ingredients and it doesn’t have to be complicated to be gourmet. The simplicity of berries make them so versatile, they can easily be that pop of red on a chacuterie board to a sweet treat in a school lunch box.

Who is your impulse shopper?

You guessed it, Millennials.  They make up roughly 26% of households in the United States, and spend an average of $57 per grocery trip, the highest of any generation demographic (Source: Nielsen https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2018/millennials-on-millennials-us-shopping-insights-in-a-new-era.html).  Millennial women are reportedly more inclined to impulse shop, whereas millennial men claim to do more research before making a purchase (Nielsen). As for those research-savvy millennial men, they have a myriad of sources: family, friends, and social media all play a part in helping shoppers decide what to buy and when.

California Berries

Well•Pict Berries is currently suppling premium California strawberries from Oxnard with excellent berry quality and size.  The cool nights and cool days have created the perfect conditions for slowing berry growth which allows for large, flavorful berries. The Oxnard growing region will be producing promotable quantities through the end of April, just in time for your customers favorite springtime gatherings!

To learn more about Well•Pict Berries product availability and merchandising tips visit wellpict.com.