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Produce retailers capitalize on shoppers’ New Year’s resolutions

Consumers today are ever-more focused on eating healthier – and the new year is when that urge to make a fresh start is at its peak. Produce retailers are naturally positioned to help shoppers stick to their New Year’s resolutions, and can capitalize on this annual trend by putting their merchandising muscle behind fresh winter fruits.

As shoppers are hunting for healthier items to put in their shopping carts, they are also faced with not-so-healthy snack options at every turn. This is where produce managers can meet them at that sweet spot – helping them snack wisely, while boosting the bottom line at the same time.

Major produce companies know the drill in January promote the healthy-eating initiatives with social media content that tempts consumers with colorful photos and recipes, while reminding them of their overall health goals. Social media is perfect for talking up the benefits of fresh fruit; among nature’s top “super foods,” raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are as loaded with flavor as they are nutrients. And for those who simply must give in to the snack impulse (and that’s most of us), berries deliver the goods without the guilt.

How important is the snack factor? Very. Consumer studies show that fresh fruit is actually the top snack consumed in the US, and the fastest-growing snack category. Reasons for this include: Fruit is eaten throughout the day, not just at certain times; it serves as dessert as well as a snack; it’s convenient to carry and requires little preparation; it satisfies cravings and “rewards” the consumer. And there’s nothing sweeter and more snackable than winter berries. Berries are deeply satisfying, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. That’s why berries are the ideal New Year treat.

Focus on Winter berries for higher profits. To capitalize on that New Year energy, produce managers should leverage their advertising and social media to communicate with customers who are primed to receive the healthy berry message. Co-op ads, promotional campaigns, themed displays, samples, recipe cards and cooking demonstrations can all help establish a produce department as the destination for healthier eating. Finally, keep in mind that prominent berry displays are proven to bump overall store profits 6% and higher – so there’s no time like the present to start that shopper synergy. Best of all, berries can help jump start a healthy shopping habit that can last a lifetime.

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