Keeping super-profitable berries “top of mind” for shoppers can drive repeat sales all summer long.

Strawberries and raspberries are summer’s traditional favorite fruit, and they’re selling better than ever this season. It’s no time to drop the ball, though – berries are the secret weapon for stores to keep those cash registers ringing all the way to fall and beyond. For retailers, it should be a no-brainer: studies show that when berries are the focus of a produce department, sales of all produce are increased 6% and more.  Ripe, aromatic strawberries and raspberries practically sell themselves, and they’re proven to whet the appetite for everything else in the produce aisles.

There is literally no better time than summer to tempt shoppers to buy more fruit, because demand is increasing throughout the country, year over year.  Right now is the perfect time to harness the power of berries for a retail boost that lasts through the end of summer. This means keeping berries “top of mind” for shoppers, by giving them plenty of reasons why they want berries again this week, and the next.  To supercharge your berry sales, try these merchandising tips:

Make berries an essential buy by cross-promoting with all the goodies that shoppers may need. By “connecting the dots,” you help guide consumers to the purpose behind the purchase, not just a hit-or-miss for impulse buy. Baked goods, whipped toppings, salad ingredients, spices and even plastic containers can all complete the picture in the minds of shoppers. If you offer them reasons to use fresh berries, consumers appreciate the convenience of finding the extra items they need to make a meal complete. To encourage healthy snacking and lunch box choices, you can display bite-sized cheeses and crackers, yogurt toppings, nuts and other kid-sized nibbles, too. 

Make berries even more irresistible by setting up a big, colorful display with multiple package sizes, stacked high. Visually, an array of choices makes a display even more compelling.  Double your rows of strawberry and raspberry containers, and watch customers reach for an extra box every time. But don’t stop there: Add the seasonal sizzle with colorful banners, signs and recipe cards that get shoppers in the mood for barbecues, picnics, parties and holiday gatherings. Finally, nothing sells like your own sense of taste and smell. Set out a cut sample tray, and your customers will be helpless to resist.

Make berry displays a permanent feature all the way through to late summer. Dollar sales can increase up to 16% by maintaining displays through the end of the season -- and increasing the size of displays can generate dollar and pound sales increases of nearly 12%. Bure sure to keep them freshly-rotated twice a day and neaten them up often – you don’t want a stray leaf to detract from the whole effect.

By giving shoppers all the possible reasons they need to buy more berries, they will naturally do so. And by using these principles in your displays, you’ll have a compelling mini store-within-a-store – that makes the whole space appealing and fun to shop in. For more merchandising tips visit