( GloriAnn Farms )

It’s no surprise there has been a drastic shift in shopping patterns within the last few months.  Consumer purchasing habits have changed when it comes to household shopping now that home has become both the office and school for the entire family.  With limited restaurant options for dining out, many people are now flipping through Pinterest instead of dinner menus.  ‘I want to cook a 5-course meal after working from home and homeschooling children all day,’ said no one, ever.  So, how does one cook a wholesome meal without grueling prep in the kitchen? By skipping the unnecessary steps without sacrificing quality - and that’s where value-added products come in.  

GloriAnn’s Farm Fresh Supersweet Corn takes the hassle out of corn selection and preparation.  The packaged, value-added fresh corn comes already trimmed and either huskless or windowed in convenient 4 or 8 count trays.  With a quick glance, consumers can see the quality of each ear of corn they are purchasing, saving time and a mess in the produce aisle.  The time-savings continue at home. All you have to do is rinse and you are ready to cook a vegetable the whole family will enjoy.  The hardest part is deciding whether to bake, grill or boil it!

Consumers are certainly not the only ones that find value in packaged sweet corn – retailers can too.  The demand for packaged produce has increased significantly over the past several months as part of the shift in buying habits.  Stocking the produce department with GloriAnn’s packaged sweetcorn will give customers exceptional quality and peace of mind.  Additionally, retailers find time savings with a package that stocks and displays well. Providing a consistently high quality product which benefits both consumers and retailers is what makes GloriAnn’s value-added Supersweet Corn the “Total Package.” Learn more by visiting gloriannfarms.com