Sprouts is expanding its online grocery options. ( File Photo )

Phoenix-based Sprouts Farmers Market plans to expand grocery pickup through Instacart to all its stores by early May due to the coronavirus crisis.

The service, which Sprouts previously had at only 55 of its stores, is now live at an additional 25 locations in Los Angeles and Central California, according to a news release.

Within a few weeks, all 340-plus of the retailer’s stores will offer pickup. Sprouts also offers delivery in all major markets via Instacart, per the release.

Grocers throughout the U.S. are seeing increased demand for online grocery options as most states are under stay-at-home orders designed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Numerous retailers told The Packer there has been much more interest in those services lately, including for fresh produce.

Kroger even made the decision to close down one of its stores to shoppers and devote it to the fulfillment of online orders.


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