( Courtesy Bee Sweet Citrus )

Bee Sweet Citrus Sales' Star Ruby grapefruit is back.

Star Ruby, which will be available for the next few months, is the reddest grapefruit, according to a news release.

"Every year, Star Ruby grapefruit continue to grow in popularity and take the produce industry by storm," Joe Berberian, Bee Sweet salesman, said in the release. "This variety is less acidic than other grapefruit varieties and has many health benefits."

The fruit’s deep color means it has high amounts of the antioxidant lycopene.

"While all grapefruit varieties are known for its acidic bite, the Star Ruby variety meets the needs of those who like sweet, tart citrus," Monique Bienvenue, director of communications, said in the release.

The fruit's unique flavor and photogenic physical characteristics make it ideal for upscale specialty dishes, or simple snacks, according to the release.