( Courtesy Starr Ranch Growers )

Smile! Starr Ranch Growers is offering Apple Snaqs in pouches with emoji graphics in recyclable packaging.

The 100% recyclable pouches are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and they are labeled “recyclable pouch” to alert consumers.

The 3-pound apple pouch will be available to an undisclosed club store customer first, and then to other Starr Ranch Growers’ customers, according to a news release.

“At Starr Ranch Growers we are passionate about using sustainable farming, shipping and packaging practices that will keep our orchards plentiful for generations to come,” CEO Brett Reasor said in the release. “When HDPE recycling is done the right way, you can help keep non-biodegradable plastic waste out of landfills and help the environment.”

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