( Courtesy Apeel Sciences )

Starr Ranch Growers, Wenatchee, Wash., will be using Apeel Sciences’ treatment or organic apples.

Starr Ranch’s organic Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, gala, fuji, granny smith, Juici, and Koru apples treated with Apeel Sciences’ solution will be available in August, according to a news release.

The plant-based treatment extends the lifespan of apples by slowing the rate of water loss and maintaining firmness and color, according to the release.

“Apeel apples help maintain firmness and weight in cold storage and retail conditions, allowing our partners to capture higher sales for product that is sold by the pound,” Brett Reasor, CEO of Starr Ranch Growers, said in the release. “With longer storage abilities we see opportunities to extend the marketing window for all of our organic varieties.”

Reasor said in the release that demand for organic produce continues to grow and Apeel Sciences, Santa Barbara, Calif., provides a solution that translates to less shrink for retailers and consumers.

Sage Fruit Co. LLC, Yakima, earlier announced it began using Apeel technology on Nov. 1 last year.

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