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Comedian Jim Gaffigan, talking about the medical penchant for naming associating tumor sizes with fruit:  “Interesting fact,” he says. “Worst tumor: grapefruit. Worst fruit: grapefruit.”

A strange setup, but Gaffigan’s observational humor has an audience. For the record, we disagree with his second assertion.

Texas and Florida citrus growers have their loyal grapefruit consumers. For 2018, the Florida grapefruit crop is expected bigger by a bunch. That fact should expand the number of shoppers picking up the fruit, which was “first described in 1750 by Griffith Hughes who called it the “forbidden fruit” of Barbados,” according to a Purdue University database.

Projections for Florida citrus show a rebound is expected this season after Hurricane Irma devastated agriculture in the state last year.

The most recent Florida grapefruit crop forecast is 6.4 million boxes, far above the 3.88 million boxes produced a year ago.

Check out a few charts about grapefruit, including long-term per capita trends, recent retail pricing and promotional activity as counted by the USDA.

It seems the larger grapefruit crop should bring ample promotional opportunities in the new year, especially for those of us resolving to eat better in 2019.

Submitted by Ron Long on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 20:10

I do not eat them anymore because they are to high priced. I love them but they are over priced.