To bring warmth and sales to the produce department during the holidays, Stemilt Growers LLC suggests retailers promote the company’s Pinata apples.

“Pinata promotions now through Cinco de Mayo are essential in pushing high volumes and earning dollars,” Roger Pepperl, marketing director, said in a news release. “We have seen chains do exceptionally well in January as they use the branding to create a ‘tropical destination’ for shoppers and encourage purchases during the cold winter months.”

The Wenatchee, Wash.-based company’s Pinata apple display-ready cartons and standard cartons are covered with palm trees, an apple island and cruise ship, the release said, which can be used to bring the beach to the shoppers.

“We have also seen displays that combine Pinata apples with pineapples to create an illusion of an island destination and encourage consumers to jump on board with the tropical twist,” Pepperl said in the release.

Stemilt’s conventional Pinata apples this season are sizing up around 80s, smaller than normal, the release said, and the company suggests retailers take advantage of the small apples and promote its Lil Snappers bags of fruit.

“Lil Snapper kid-size fruit is an ideal item to carry, especially in a year with smaller fruit sizing,” Pepperl said in the release.

Stemilt offers those apples in 3-pound pouch bags for conventional and organic, and also offers 5-pound value bags of Pinata apples.