Stemilt Growers offers stone fruit, like these nectarines, in its 15-pound bulk Top Pick program. ( Courtesy Stemilt Growers )

Stemilt Growers’ summer stone fruit is arriving, giving retailers a chance to boost summer fruit and organic fruit categories.

Apricots were packed and shipped starting in mid-June, and peaches and nectarines will be ready in mid-July, according to a news release.

“The Douglas family are fourth-generation growers who have farmed peaches and nectarines organically for more than a decade,” Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager, said in the release. “We’re anticipating a crop of large-sized peaches and nectarines that will also be big on classic flavors with loads of juice.”

Smaller sizes are expected at the beginning of the season, so peaches and nectarines will be available in Lil Snappers, Stemilt’s child-size fruit brand, available in 2-pound mesh bags.

Expecting a larger fruit size in August, Stemilt plans on bulk promotions, with its Top Pick program to help retailers with bulk sales.

“A program like Top Pick eliminates the customer’s guessing game for buying delicious fruit and helps put your summer fruit category in a positive direction,” Shales said in the release.

Top Pick fruit will ship in 15-pound cartons when the fruit is at ideal ripeness and high brix, according to the release.

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