Stemilt Growers' Honeyhill brand will extend the company's Honeycrisp season with a premium pack. ( Photo courtesy Stemilt Growers )

Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers will extend its Honeycrisp season through mid-summer with the debut of its premium Honeyhill brand.

“Honeyhill is an exciting addition to include in our family of brands as we will be offering one of the most popular apple varieties for a longer timeframe,” Roger Pepperl, Stemilt marketing director, said in a news release. “We’re choosing the best Honeycrisp apples for Honeyhill boxes, which means retailers can promote fruit with beautiful colors and flavors that taste as if you had just picked them from the tree back in the fall.”

High-color Honeycrisp apples will be featured with the Honeyhill brand, according to the release.

The Royal Honeycrisp, a new sport variety, will be used for the Honeyhill brand. Sports are natural variations on fruit; sports with desirable characteristics are bred to form new cultivars.

“The Royal Honeycrisp is a beautiful strain with great color and finish,” Pepperl said. The apple can be picked with full color and stores exceptionally well, he said. “It is a great program to build late-season Honeycrisp sales around,” Pepperl said in the release.

Stemilt’s Honeyhill brand and packaging is available in both a standard and euro cartons.

“The packaging was designed to highlight the distinctness of this apple strain,” Pepperl said in the release. “The packaging is bold, fun and stimulating, making it a great building tool for your produce department displays.”

The release said organic Honeycrisp apples are also available and currently being packed under Stemilt’s Artisan Organics label.



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