( Courtesy Stemilt Growers LLC )

Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers LLC soon will unveil a new Ultimate cherry line with electronic defect sorting and sizing technology, said Brianna Shales, communications manager.

“The new line will be responsible for packing our organic dark-sweet and rainier cherries and will bring both sizing accuracy and high-quality packs to organics,” she said.

“Going all-optics for cherries is a big thing for our customers,” Shales said.

Stemilt also continues to highlight its unique cherry position through brands, Shales said.

“In July, we have our Kyle’s Pick program as a differentiator for retailers who want to focus on quality,” she said. 

“We reserve the best cherries — the ones that fourth-generation cherry grower Kyle Mathison approves of — for this signature program. Largest sizes, dessert flavors, outstanding firmness levels — these are the differences that Kyle’s Pick helps bring to a retailer.”

In August, Stemilt will have its “A Half Mile Closer to the Moon” cherry program, featuring “high-altitude” cherries, most of which Mathison grows, Shales said.

“They are grown 2,640 feet above sea level and higher,” she said. 

“We’ve expanded volumes of late-season Moon cherries, which help retailers stay in the cherry game longer. They don’t sell the same volume as the big July month, but can earn more than half the dollars.” 

Every week cherries can be in retail can boost produce sales, Shales said.

“We are also expecting a great season for rainier and Skylar Rae brand cherries,” Shales said. 

“They have similar seasons but are different programs and both opportunities for retailers to tack on dollar sales with an ultra-premium offering.”