( Courtesy Stemilt Growers )

Fall harvest is under way for Stemilt Growers’ Rushing Rivers pears, and Stemilt is bringing suggestions for successful winter pear promotions.

“Right now, winter varieties like d’anjou, red d’anjou and bosc are coming off the trees in good availability with a lot of opportunity for retailers to move high volumes due to the great quality,” Brianna Shales, senior marking manager of Stemilt, said in a news release.

Stemilt’s green and red d’Anjou pears go through what the company calls its Operation Flavor program, according to the release.

The pears go through a 30-day cold treatment phase and are packed into a two-layer cross-ventilated box and then to a warming process to prepare them for shipping, according to the release.

“Stemilt no longer uses anti-ripening products on pears,” Shales said. “In response to that move, we are finding other ways to ensure pears are of dessert-eating quality with a goal of ready-to-eat d’Anjou and red d’Anjou pears just one to three days after consumer purchase.”

To make the most of pear season, retailers can run ads with line pricing for all three pear varieties and boost messaging around and on the display, she said.

“We have plenty of signage options along with various packages, including our new Family Farm Bin that features Stemilt’s founding family, the Mathisons.”

The Family Farm bin can easily be paired with other package options, including Stemilt’s pear display bin or easy pallet display, according to the release.

Retailers can also use Stemilt’s feature video, images and story ideas to help with in-store messaging or the store’s digital channels, according to the release. 

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