( Stemilt Growers )

Adding a spark to a familiar pear variety, Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers is promoting the starkrimson red pear as the Sparkrimson.

“It’s almost time to harvest pears, and there’s one pear with a name that just doesn’t do its features justice,” Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager at Stemilt Growers, said in a news release. ”This pear’s flavor profile is explosive, the color is striking and captures your attention, and the overall quality ignites the pear category year after year which is why the new name of the Starkrimson is going to be ... Sparkrimson!” 

The new name and arrival of the new crop offer retailers an opportunity to kindle excitement around the pear variety, Shales said in the release.

Sparkrimson pear harvest is projected to start at the beginning of August, according to the release. The pears are grown in Washington’s Entiat and Wenatchee river valleys in central Washington.

“Sparkrimson is one of the most popular summer pear varieties because it has a refreshing flavor and smooth bite,” Shales said in the release, suggesting that retailers run Sparkrimson ads starting mid-August through the second week of September.

Packaging options from Stemilt include the six-pound Rushing Rivers pear bag and Lil Snappers organic two-pound and conventional three-pound pear bags. 

“This simple campaign is a fun way for retailers to get behind a fantastic pear at the moment it’s ripe and ready,” Shales said in the release. “Consumers will love this pear’s look and flavor, so there’s lots of potential for great August pear results at retail.”


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