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Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers is promoting Piñata and Artisan Organics Lil Snappers apples as summer promotion options.

The Piñata variety is available from storage from Washington state now and later this summer from South American partners Frusan in Chile and Patagonia Fruits in Argentina, according to a news release.

“Retailers will have a wide variety of both conventional and organic Piñata apples sizes to choose from and bulk promotions are a great way to move the category during the summer months,” Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s senior marketing manager, said in the release. “We suggest running Piñata as part of multi-variety apple ads and using the apple’s fun messaging and graphics to share its uniqueness.”

Shales said retailers can use Stemilt’s high-graphic standard carton to build prominent displays in high traffic areas in store.

Lil Snappers

Artisan Organics Lil Snappers apples are a good choice to hit all the right notes for a healthy family snack, Shales said.

“Apples are among the top four organic items in the produce department, making Lil Snappers an excellent bagged item to carry right now,” Shales said in a news release.

Artisan Organics Lil Snappers are available in three-pound graphic pouch bags in multiple varieties, including gala, Pink Lady, granny smith and fuji.

The pack represents a great opportunity to bolster the apple category in the summer months, she said in the release, adding that Lil Snappers also perform well for online grocery sales.

To maximize sales, Shales said retailers should plan multi-variety ads and use featured banner ads for an online push. Stemilt also offers photos, video of product in-store and other resources.

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