Stemilt's 5 River Islands label dark sweet cherries are grown in the California Delta and appeal to consumers' desire for a connection to the source of their food. ( Courtesy Stemilt Growers )

California’s cherry season has been light on volume this year, but Stemilt Growers is encouraging retailers to take advantage of quality cherries over the next couple weeks.

“While the volume of the 2018 California cherry crop was underwhelming for growers and retailers alike, both fruit size and qualities have made for overwhelmingly positive shopper experiences,” Stemilt marketing director Roger Pepperl said in a news release.

The final weeks of the California season features Stemilt’s rainier cherries and 5 River Islands branded dark sweet cherries.

The rainiers are available in a premium pack through June 9, and peaking on large sizes with nice color and flavor, according to the release.

This is the second year of Stemilt’s 5 River Islands brand of cherries, which feature large-sized lapin variety cherries from the California Delta, available now in clamshells and pouch bags through mid-June.

“5 River Islands cherries share the story of the Delta region and how its waterways, lush soils and California sunshine help us grow big cherries with world famous qualities,” Pepperl said in the release.

The final weeks of the California cherry season will provide a lift to produce department sales and also help transition consumers into buying cherries throughout the longer Northwest season, Pepperl said in the release.