Smaller apples and pears have a friend in Stemilt Growers’ Lil Snappers program.

“Lil Snappers creation back in 2011 was to help elevate consumer demand for smaller fruit,” Brianna Shales, communications manager at Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers, said in a news release. “And now, here we are, six years later and the program has grown tremendously.”

Shales said in the release that the brand appeals to children and parents, but also sells well to all consumer categories,

Each Lil Snappers 3-pound bag holds ten pieces of fruit, according to the release, translating to a full week of servings for a household with two children. 

“The grab-and-go style of the pouch bag is great for shoppers who don’t have time to buy apples or pears in bulk and they prefer a smaller piece of fruit,” Shales said in the release.

Lil Snappers brand apples are available in 3-pound pouch bags for conventional and organic apples, and conventional pears. The release said organic pears are available in a 2-pound pouch bag. 

Stemilt offers Lil Snappers apples in braeburn, fuji, gala, granny smith, Honeycrisp, Piñata and Pink Lady.

Organic varieties offered, according to the release, include fuji, gala, granny smith, Honeycrisp, Piñata and Pink Lady.
Stemilt also offers multiple pear varieties including bartlett, bosc, concorde, d’anjou, red pears, and tosca in both conventional and organic.

Shales said Lil Snappers are selling well online.

“The biggest challenge retailers will face when it comes to e-commerce will be the consumer trusting someone to pick out their fresh produce,” Shales said in the release. “This will not be an issue for Lil Snappers brand. The consumer understands what they are getting when they decide to purchase our brand — high quality, flavorful fruit the whole family will benefit from.”

For 2016, year-over-year volume for the brand was up 131% and sales were up 123%.

The 2017-18 season will be another year of opportunity, she said in the release.

“At the peak of the season, we will see smaller fruit sizes, making this year’s crop a perfect time to build the Lil Snappers brand at your store,” Shales said it the release.