( Courtesy Stemilt )

After traveling 1,756 miles, Stemilt Growers #RaveRoadTrip promoting the Rave apple will come to an end Sept. 5 in New Jersey.

Stemilt took Rave to six major cities and famous landmarks including Wrigley Field in Chicago, according to a news release.

“Every stop has been a new adventure and an awesome experience,” Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s communications manager, said in the release. “Our team had a blast interacting with consumers on a personal level to drive trial and increase brand awareness of Rave apples. It’s cliché to say, but we heard so many raves about this apple. People love its Honeycrisp texture and super refreshing flavor.”

Stemilt reached more than 10,000 consumers during the road trip through pop-up events and driving the Rave-mobile, according to the release. Consumer awareness was also increased due to Stemilt documenting #RaveRoadTrip on social media.

Through geo-targeted social ad campaigns and influencers, outreach for Rave had more than 250,000 impressions in one month, according to the release. This is the third year Rave has been on the market.

“Rave is a fun brand to market and this #RaveRoadTrip was quite the adventure to take an apple on,” Shales said. “The consumer response has been overwhelming. We look forward to continuing the positive momentum on Rave as it is featured in produce departments across the country over the next several weeks.”  

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