The National Onion Association is offering cooks ideas for the holiday season. ( Courtesy National Onion Association )

The National Onion Association is emphasizing the health and nutritional benefits of onions with recipes geared to holiday meals.

Instead of focusing on what to avoid during the holiday season, the association is focusing on why to add onions to dishes.

“Most people gain weight during the holidays, and there are slew of recipes out there to follow specific diets — Keto, Paleo, you name it. But eating healthy through Thanksgiving just means adding the good stuff,” according to a news release from the association.

Americans ate an average of 21.9 pounds of onions in 2017, which is a considerable increase over the past 40 years, according to the National Onion Association.

The association lists attributes of the vegetable: high fiber, vitamin C, and a contributor to a healthy gut.

The association’s holiday recipes include side dishes, appetizers and even desserts. The recipes are on the association’s website.