Can you believe that the government is taking public comments on the border wall?

Brace is going to be a bumpy ride.

At, the Customs and Border Protection Bureau has issued a “Request for Public Comments Regarding the Construction of Pedestrian Barrier Within Certain Areas in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.”

An explanatory note adds: USCBP is proposing to construct primary pedestrian barrier within the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) in Starr County, Texas. CBP is requesting public comments on its proposal to locate and construct the barrier in certain areas, as required by section 232(b) of the 2019 Appropriations Act.

Published June 27, comments are due by Aug. 26. 

The comments only number 28 so far, but what they lack in numbers they make up for with passion.

Here are excerpts from a couple of comments:

  • " As a citizen of Cameron County, I demand that you drop all plans to start construction on the border wall in this county. A wall will not stop humans from crossing the border. Humans can climb. They’re smart, they know how to navigate things like this. The construction of the border wall is a waste of taxpayer money that is only funding death and not doing anything to actually ebb the flow of “illegal immigration”.Let’s not forget about all the people in this county that this will impact. The border wall will make flooding worse in a region that is already plagued with flooding that destroys houses and livelihoods. You can’t mess with a flat environment without causing harm to people. As a result of this and many other environmental concerns, the impacts will extend to many of the exported products down here. Vegetables, fruits, cotton, and other naturally grown products will suffer because of this man-made abomination. As a result, your supermarket selection much more expensive and limited. "


  • "We the people should not suffer the construction costs and maintenance of another ineffective pedestrian barrier along the nation’s southern border. I urge you to reject any additional physical barrier along the border in what is already extremely hostile terrain. Moreover, these barriers will not achieve the stated goal of stopping illegal smuggling. In 2017, the US Drug Enforcement Agency reported that “The most common method employed by these TCOs involves transporting illicit drugs through US ports of entry in passenger vehicles with concealed compartments or commingled with legitimate goods on tractor trailers.Additional physical barriers along the border will only serve to further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis at the border and to tarnish the work of Customs and Border Patrol, all at additional taxpayer expense without any significant reduction is smuggled goods. I do not support the construction of any additional barrier along the southern border, but applaud the work CBP officers do everyday to detect and seize narcotics at our nation’s points of entry."


Some, however, liked the idea:

  • "I favor a wall and anything that will keep out illegal immigrants who have no right to enter this country. This country is overrun with illegal immigrants who come here for free hospital care. "


  • "The necessary construction of a border wall along the Texas southern border to keep Americans safe and to allow us to have order in our immigration system FAR OUTWEIGHS the concern of any business, plant, or cultural impact . Build the wall!"


TK: There is no need to wait for the 2020 election. The referendum on the border wall is happening right on While plenty of Trump supporters scattered about the country will approve of a border wall, it seems residents of south Texas are sounding their displeasure about the possibility in no uncertain terms.