Lēf Farms describes Crisp as an alternative to iceberg and romaine lettuce, with a “robust, crispy bite with a fresh, bright flavor,” and ideal for a sandwich addition or a salad foundation. ( Lēf Farms )

Lēf Farms, Loudon, N.H., has added more than 200 Stop & Shop stores to the list of retailers that sell its leafy greens.

The products are stocked on store shelves within 24 hours of harvest, according to a news release.

The company has been supporting food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic, raising $1.3 million for hunger relief, according to the release, along with $250,000 worth of fresh baby greens to front-line health care workers in hospitals in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, according to the news release.

“As a local family-run New England area business, this strong sense of community is something we hold near and dear to our hearts, and we’re glad Stop & Shop carries that same passion.

 Lēf Farms products at Stop & Shop include zesty Spice mix, Fusion greens, Smooth blend and Crisp, a leaf lettuce with a crunchy bite.

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