Tree-ripened mangoes are seeing a surge in sales, according to Melissa’s World Variety Produce. ( Melissa’s World Variety Produce )

Tropical fruit sales for Melissa’s World Variety Produce are growing strong for a number of items, said Robert Schueller, marketing manager, Los Angeles.

Schueller said some of the fast-growing tropical fruits include tree-ripened mangoes, organic drinking coconuts, passion fruit and jackfruit.

2019 sales prospects for the company are increasing for a number of items, Schueller said.

Through late April, dragon fruit sales were 10% above year-ago levels, while jackfruit sales were  12% higher. Passion fruit sales have jumped 13% compared with year-ago levels, while tree-ripened mangoes sales are up 18%, Schueller said. Organic drinking coconuts have enjoyed a 15% increase in sales, he said. Tainung papaya sales are 6% above a year ago, while strawberry papaya sales are up 7%, he said.

Schueller said the Melissa’s brand is very active in social media. The brand is liked by 157,000 people on Facebook, boasts 58,200 followers on Instagram and has more than 33,000 followers on Twitter.