( Photos courtesy Sun Pacific Inc. )

Sun Pacific is seeing a January bump in sales for its premium navel orange brand, Vintage Sweets.

The Pasadena, Calif.-based company debuted the Vintage Sweets brand for its heirloom navel oranges three years ago, packing select fruit from 100-year-old groves.

Oranges packed under the Vintage Sweets label are tested to ensure sugar levels and also include Non-GMO Project verification, according to a news release.

“Specialty citrus continues to increase its share of the citrus category, and Vintage Sweets present a terrific complement and co-merchandising item with our Cuties and cara cara navel oranges,” said Howard Nager, vice president of marketing and business development, in the release. “As the largest independent navel grower in the U.S., we have good supply and excellent quality to meet the needs of our retail consumers.”

Vintage Sweet navel oranges

Sun Pacific offers Vintage Sweets in bulk, 3-pound bags and 6-count shrink-wrapped trays. “The sharp graphics and display materials highlight this fruit and put it front and center for impulse purchases,” Nager said.