Sun World Innovations has licensed companies in Peru, South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia to grow proprietary grape and stone fruit varieties. ( Sun World Innovations )

Six companies in four countries have been added to Sun World International’s global proprietary grape and stone fruit growing network.

Sun World Innovations, the company’s fruit breeding and licensing business unit has added:

  • DEFRUSA, Piura, Peru, which will begin exporting grapes in October through its Chilean parent company Gesex;
  • Safco Peru, Ica, which will extend Chilean parent company Rio King’s season with grapes in December;
  • Sadira, Tunis, Tunisia, which is involved in table grape, stone fruit and citrus growing and marketing, as a nursery-grower-exporter;
  • Delecta Fruit, Paarl, South Africa, a Western Cape stone fruit exporter;
  • Les Vergers du Soleil, a Marrakech, Morocco, grape grower-marketer; and
  • Delassus, Casablanca, Morocco, a grape grower-marketer with exports to Europe.

“We are pleased to appoint these fine companies, many of which we have had longstanding relationships, to help bolster our presence in the global fruit trade,” Sun World Innovations vice president of licensing Garth Swinburn said in a news release. “We’re confident that emerging production regions such as Peru, Morocco and Tunisia, along with our more established regions, will provide more quality-oriented producers with access to our proprietary fruit varieties and further increase the visibility of our varietal brands.

There are more than 60 licensed Sun World growers across the globe.

Sun World has five other Peruvian licensees: Agricola Don Ricardo, Camposol, Ecosac, Agricola Chapi and Enzafruit. Its other South African licensees are Stems, In2Stone and Green Marketing. Les Vergers du Soleil, Delassus and Sadira are Sun World’s first licensees in Morocco and Tunisia, according to the release.

Sun World’s proprietary grape brands include Sable Seedless, AutumnCrisp and Scarlotta Seedless; stone fruit brands include Honeycot apricots and Black Diamond plums.