Sun World International is working with retailers to establish a new promotion category for grapes, highlighting premium proprietary varieties. ( File photo )

Sun World International is using data to develop grape category messages for retailers, pointing to a two-tiered plan that includes a value category and a more specialized proprietary variety category.

As the licenser and marketer of proprietary grapes including Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta Seedless, Adora Seedless and Autumncrisp, Sun World has data showing those and other branded grapes are driving profits at retail.

“We are seeing a key tactical shift among those gaining market share,” Gordon Robertson, Sun World executive vice president of sales and marketing, said in a news release. “Many of these retailers are creating two tiers in the category. One segment is focused on value and the other is focused on proprietary varieties.”

Robertson said some consumers are willing to pay a premium price for varieties known for flavor attributes that set them apart from non-proprietary grapes.

Using customer data for insights helps Sun World work with retailers to increase sales in the category, according to the release. Sun World’s proprietary varieties have Price Look-Up stickers specific to those varieties, as well as Global Trade Item Numbers, according to the release.