( Courtesy Sun World International LLC )

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Sun World International LLC has announced a series of goals it plans to meet by 2022 as part of The Better Future Project, its corporate social responsibility program.

The company published its first report on the social responsibility program Feb. 20, outlining its plans and reporting progress made so far, according to a news release.

The company plans to publish the report annually to provide transparency and accountability in meeting its goals and to help stakeholders better understand them, CEO Merrill Dibble said in the release.

Sun World’s goals focus on three areas: Empowering our People, Protecting our Environment, and Innovating for Sustainability.

The company has a goal of training at least 2,500 farm workers in career and personal development skills, including ESL classes, adult education and financial management, by 2022, according to the release. Sun World also started a safety program to promote safe workplace behavior.

Environmental plans involve renewable energy, water conservation and soil and bee health, according to the release. Goals there include adding solar power installations this year to generate 10% of Sun World’s energy needs. 

The company also plans to devote more than 500 acres to groundwater retention ponds and source 75% of its water from those during dry years, according to the release.

Sun World plans to plant cover crops and hedgerows on at least 50% of its acreage to promote soil and bee health.

As part of sustainability efforts, Sun World is working to develop high-yielding proprietary grape varieties that use fewer inputs and less water, according to the release. It’s also tracking the effects of greenhouse gasses and water usage.

“The Better Future Project is beginning to shape and mold our culture here at Sun World,” Dibble said in the release. 

“We are encouraged by our progress so far and look forward to delivering on our set goals.” 

The full report is available here