Sunions 'tearless' onions are in their first season of retail availability. ( Courtesy Golden Sun Marketing )

In the first two months available in wide distribution, Sunions “tearless” onions from Bayer Crop Science have topped a billion media impressions and are finding a spot in shopping carts.

And consumers are responding favorably, according to a news release.

“Just bought some and the statements are true,” according to an anonymous shopper quoted in the release. “I sliced it up and there was a very strong onion odor but no tears and no bite! I buy a lot of onions and these will be on my list – good product.”

Sunions, marketed by Generation Farms, Onions 52 and Peri & Sons Farms, are in their first season of retail availability, according to the release.  

The onions have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Good Housekeeping, Food & Wine and on, and The Huffington Post, where editors made a video test of Sunions’ tearless qualities, according to the release.

Sunions wrapped up a partnership with Buzzfeed and the platforms’ Tasty recipe video series in mid-February, according to the release, and The Brothers Green YouTube cooking series will feature the product in an upcoming video.

Sunions are a sweet onion variety that becomes sweeter and less tear-inducing in storage as compounds related to pungency decrease, according to the release. They are only shipped once they have been certified by a tasting panel and the levels of volatile compounds have been checked by a food lab, which helps ensure a consistent product, according to the release.



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